Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lip Lust BFF Guide!!

Happy BFF Beauty Tuesday!!

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Part 2: Hair Tips and Eye Brow Tips for some expert advice on how to look even more fabulous. Count down to noon today when my Sharing Sunscreen blog will be posted. Today is gorgeous! Or at least not unbearably hot. So let's focus on lips staying glossed and happy now. Don't forget to sign-up for the BFF email to get your special beauty discounts.

Tip of the Day: Have you ever wanted to the find the perfect lip gloss for you and your BFF?! So many ladies splurge on gloss that just isn’t their color. Sure everyone has her own style. But did you know that certain shades will make your entire face glow? Here’s the BFF secret guide to finding the best shade for you two!

Enjoy the Lip Lust guide!

Lip Lust Guide ;)
To find the perfect gloss for you and your BFFs, you've got to think about two things: skin shades and colorings. To perfectly apply your BFF shade, put it on light and layer. You can always add more, but less is usually more to highlight your gorgeous self.

Skin Shades:
Fair: Browns and yellows are not in the cards for you. They'll wash you out. Kiss your lips to pale pinks, nudes or berry reds. To go nude, try a taupe with a touch of rose coloring.

Medium: Pinks are your BFF, especially if you have a brown undertone. Just watch out for shades that are too pale.

Dark: Brave and bold should be your moto! You will look fabulous wearing mauves, reds, and berries. Give browns and purples a go too to accentuate the richness of your skin.

Skin Coloring:
Pink Tint: You want to balance your face with a cooler shade
that has blue undertones. Try pinkish coral for a change.

Olive & Yellow Tint: Pale pink won't really do much for your skin. You want to use color to warm up your face. Look for a darker pink to really make you shine. Neutrals like apricot, beige and nude will also look fabulous. Corals will love you back too!

For more details, check out: How Stuff Works or E How

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