Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lip Saver!

Glass Ultra Light Lip Gloss, which I have nicknamed Glassy, will always have a place in my heart after all that we've been through together. This blog is for all of the random times she has gotten me out of sticky situations. Thanks bffbeautyshop.com!
Story number 1: The first time the lip gloss came in handy was the day Glassy came into my life. I had luckily thrown it into my purse after it came in the mail. I was so excited to see Twilight that day that I had forgotten to put on gloss. My lips are super dry so they hurt if I don't put anything on.

At the movie, my boyfriend grabbed popcorn (he thinks he hates lip gloss). I snuck out my ultra light gloss and took advantage of the built-in mirror and light. When he returned with the snacks, he didn't know what I had changed, but he said that I looked great. He even ended up enjoying Twilight. What a guy. :)
Story Number 2: I wake up super early to run before it gets hot outside. I'm always tired getting ready for work afterwords and put on the bare minimum make-up wise. This particular morning, like every other one, I put on some mascara and chap stick and left for work.
What I realized twenty-minutes into the drive was that I had a business meeting. I applied the Glassy quickly before the light changed and was on my way. While walking into the office, I pulled the Ultra light lip gloss and checked myself in the mirror. I had a glob of lip gloss on my teeth!
Gross. Luckily, I had used Glassy to check myself and get fixed up, before the meeting. The Ultra Light lip gloss really has my back. I'll keep you update on our times together!

XOXO Your new BFF

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