Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sun Kissed Face

Congratulations! You've made it half way through the week. If you're in the New York/ New Jersey area, you can look forward to a storm that will break up the heat tomorrow. If you haven't seen "Twilight" already, I won't ruin it but I saw it yesterday and LOVED it! It is by far the best one yet. Without giving anything away, Bella has to make some tough decisions in this movie which will make the next one exciting. But without any further delay, here is my next beauty trick!


Tip of the Day: Do not damage your face skin by tanning it! Like so many adults that I know, you will get wrinkles much earlier than you expect it and quickly regret your decisions. Instead, put on at least SPF 15 every morning.

To get that gorgeous glow, you can use your tanning spray on your face. What I do is spray a little tan in a can by Model Co www.bffbeautyshop.com
onto my hand. I then evenly spread a the spray onto my face to match my body tan. Afterwords, I use either soap or a tan removing gel to take any excess off of my hands.


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P.S. Did I mention it smells like cotton candy?!

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